Let’s Heat Things Up: Top Kitchen Trends of 2018

Whether you’re a big, bustling family, a cool couple, or a busy bachelor, your kitchen is the room that brings people together. It’s the spot where you start your mornings and unwind after long days. If any space should match your lifestyle and reflect your personality, it’s the kitchen. And, a kitchen upgrade can make your entire home truly feel more modern.

Here are three cool trends to try in your kitchen this year:


1. Customize your cabinets!

Open concept kitchens have been a popular trend for several years. In 2018, we’re seeing the next evolution with the removal of upper cabinets. By no means are we advising you cut down on kitchen storage. Instead, it’s about maximizing and optimizing the lower cabinet space. To put it simply, design your cabinet space to reflect what you use most often.

Do you regularly cook with spices? This roll out spice drawer will have you trying new recipes every night! Adding a roll out spice drawer is a creative way to truly customize your kitchen. Not only is it a great way to maximize your storage space, it’s a hidden gem that provides easy access and streamlines your cooking.


Have a passion for entertaining? Some may say… Wine not?

Adding a custom wine rack or wine chiller is another great way to maximize your cabinet space. You can customize this to make it as bold as your personality or a subtle addition to a beautiful kitchen. Creating a built it wine rack is perfect for the homeowner who enjoys warm nights with precious company. And there’s no need to worry, you can be sure that wine won’t be going out of style anytime soon!

Sometimes, these upgrades aren’t for everyone. A more classic addition would be a roll-away trash can. And for an extra touch of luxury, install uplighting in your cabinets to display your beautiful dish or glassware.


2. Upgrade to a smart kitchen!

Technology has infiltrated our lives, and the home is no exception. But advances aren’t just for our favorite gadgets. Now, you can update your kitchen with technology that simplifies your life and adapts to your personal needs.

Did you know a smart fridge can monitor your grocery supply and send notifications when you run low on specific items? No more late night runs for milk! Better yet, you can integrate your coffee maker with a smartphone so your pot purculates as soon as you wake up! Even motion-detecting faucets make cooking and cleaning smoother than ever. We can’t promise it will end the discussion of who will do the dishes, but it certainly makes the chore easier.


3. Embellish with style!

Lastly, and perhaps most fun, design your kitchen to reflect your personality. White cabinets, for example, are popular for a reason: they’re clean, contemporary, and make your kitchen look spacious. If you’re seeking the benefits of white cabinetry, try adding a bold pop of color elsewhere, like the island, creating an accent piece fit for 2018. If you gravitate towards darker materials, try opting for jewel-tone cabinets in a navy, plum, or emerald green. Your kitchen will have the luxurious feel of dark cabinetry with a modern twist.

Ready to heat things up in your kitchen? At Sandifer Custom Homes, we create spaces designed to fit you. There’s a reason we win awards for our unique designs customized to your needs, budgets and style. Contact us to build your dream kitchen today.