Room Additions & Remodels

Room Additions in Jacksonville, FL Add Curb Appeal, Function & Value to Your Home!


Room addition to a home in Jacksonville Florida

Room additions are a great idea for those seeking to add more space to their homes. Sandifer Design Build is an expert room addition contractor and home remodeler. We’ve been creating home and room additions in Jacksonville, FL, St. Augustine, and all across Northeast Florida since 2005.

Room additions can be complicated projects requiring all of the same expertise as custom home building, so you should take great care to choose an experienced, licensed home renovation specialist to assist you when adding a room to your home.

custom room additions in Jacksonville by Sandifer Design Build

Benefits of a Room Addition

There are many benefits of room additions and many reasons why people consider adding a room to their homes. The most obvious reason for room additions is adding  square footage to your home to create more space. This may be out of necessity, as is often the case with growing families or an unexpected life event, such as a grandparent needing to move in with family after the loss of a spouse. Often, people build room additions to add storage space to their homes.

On the other hand, and certainly in areas like Jacksonville, FL, many people decide to build home and room additions for comfort’s sake, to have more room to relax, entertain or just enjoy themselves more at home. In any case, whether driven by need or desire, room additions add value to your home, making them a great investment.

Reasons to Consider a Room Addition:

  • Add extra square footage
  • Increase home value
  • Add storage
  • Add comfort
  • Create new rooms for a growing family
  • Create more space for entertaining or relaxing

5 Types of Room Additions

There many are different types of room additions you can consider, typically divided into 5 major categories. Any or all of them are appropriate for those who may be considering room additions in Jacksonville, Northeast Florida or most anywhere.

Conventional home additions – Conventional home additions typically incorporate multiple rooms built onto the side of a house. They come with all of the requirements of a custom home and typically involve an architect, builder / remodeling contractor, permits, wiring, HVAC, plumbing, etc.

Room additions or bump outs – These kinds of room additions are single rooms built onto the side of a home for a specific purpose like a bedroom, bathroom or storage space. “Bump outs” are simpler room additions that expand space in a room, rather than creating a new room. Bump outs and room additions often change rooflines and require permits, wiring, plumbing, etc.

Garage conversions – Garage conversions are home additions that convert garages into living spaces by replacing the garage doors with walls, installing a ceiling and other finishes. Again, systems like HVAC and plumbing may be required, along with electrical wiring, etc.

Sunrooms – Sunrooms are home additions on the side or rear of a home, typically created to provide extra space for sitting, dining, entertaining or relaxing. They are most often pre-fabricated, made of aluminum and thermal resistant glass and can usually be shut off from the main portion of the house.

Second-story room additions – Second-floorroom additions add an entire second level to your home. These can be a single room but more often refer to the addition of multiple rooms, while significantly increasing square footage. Technically complex, these types of home additions require special engineering so that the home can support the weight of the new level, which was not planned for the original structure.

What You Can Expect: The Process

Adding a new room to your home is not unlike the conventional custom homebuilding process. Sandifer Design Build has been helping clients create beautiful custom home additions for over a decade-and-half in Jacksonville, FL and we use a tried-and-true process to ensure the highest quality.

The length of time to complete a home addition can vary greatly depending upon the simplicity or complexity of the project, but the entire process might take from 2-3 months per 1,000 square feet after getting all required permits. Once you’ve made the decision add new space to your home, your process for designing and building a room addition will likely look like this:

  1. Planning & Estimating – We’ll meet on site to see your existing home, discuss your needs and budget, and (if applicable) execute a design agreement
  2. Design, Blueprints & Permitting – We’ll present preliminary designs, meet, review and finalize. Once complete, well move on to blueprints and permitting.
  3. Site Prep & Demolition -With permitting complete, we’ll move on to whatever demolition and site prep is required for construction.
  4. Plumbing & Foundation – If required, we’ll then install plumbing and build a foundation for your new room addition.
  5. Framing & Roofing – We’re going vertical! Now, we’ll begin framing in walls, ceilings, window and door openings. Remember- at each phase, we’ll also be getting city inspection approvals .
  6. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Doors, Windows & Insulation – Now is the time that all of your systems, circuitry, outlets, light fixtures go in.
  7. Drywall, Paint & Exterior Finishes – We’re almost there!
  8. Tile, Interior Fixtures & Finishes, Clean-up & Final Inspection – We apply the finishing touches, things like tile, counters, baseboards, final paint, bath fixtures, baseboards, flooring, and more! We then clean everything up and, “Voila!” your new home or room addition is complete, and you are ready to begin enjoying it for years to come!

Ready to get started on your new home or room addition? If so, call Sandifer Design Build and let us help make your new addition a remarkable reality!