Brian P Johnston

Having completed a number of home renovation projects while living in the Washington, DC area, we had a very specific idea of what we wanted from a design and construction firm in the Jacksonville area. From the start, Nick Sandifer and his team felt like the perfect match for what we were looking for in terms of style, culture and workmanship. And the process and final product rang true to our standards and expectations of a first floor remodel of our 1990s home. Throughout the initial discovery and specs stages, the Sandifer team and their fantastic design partner worked seamlessly with us to pull together a plan of action that worked within our budget but didn’t cut corners on quality or creativity. When the real work began, we appreciated the great care and attention the Sandifer team and their subcontractors gave to our family living and working upstairs in the home, particularly during the throes of demolition, electrical and structural work as well as plumbing. The subcontractors’ attendance and work ethic were phenomenal, and we got to know many of them along the way — you could tell many of them felt pride in being part of the Sandifer family and it showed in their loyalty and craftsmanship. We were also impressed by how the Sandifer team worked through supply chain constraints in what was a very interesting year to be doing a large construction project – they were always on top of things by having options at the quick and ready for us every step of the way. Lastly, and most importantly, our site foreman, Edward, might very well be the most impressive person we’ve worked with. He was always present, incredibly positive, and ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to solve a problem or advance the project with whatever was needed. It’s funny, but the house is so quiet now and we find ourselves oddly missing all of our daily visitors, especially Edward. We consider him a friend now and our two young kids have adopted him as part of our family. In summary, you are getting more than just “a contractor” with the Sandifer team. They’ll take their business — which very much seems to be a culture of family — and they’ll blend it seamlessly into yours, getting you to the final product in your beautiful new / remodeled home that you so desire. We are already planning for phase 2 and will look no further than Nick Sandifer and team. Simply put, they are well deserving of our highest recommendation!