Stote Ellsworth

My wife and I have remodeled homes numerous times, so Sandifer’s project was far from our first rodeo. At the outset, I’ll admit I was not familiar with Sandifer’s method of initiating a project. The expression “measure twice, cut once” would describe it. They put extensive design work in prior to starting (and charged a well-worth-it fee for that work), and emerged with an “all-in” quote for the now well defined project. This is as compared to the “a la carte cost build-up” many contractors use, or worse, the “let’s start and we’ll figure it out along the way” approach (we’ve experienced both . . . mostly poor experiences). Sandifer has a superb design team, particularly in the interior space usage, kitchen/cabinet, and interior design areas. You don’t need to bring your own designer; Sandifer has that covered. Sandifer’s “go-to” subcontractors are all very professional and skilled at their trades ….. and should it happen that one is not fully on top of their game, they see it, and fix it expeditiously. They establish a very clear contract with measurable payment points, and have a “first-in-my-experience” understandable change order system – no surprises! So as craftsmen/businessmen, they excel. But they have more: superb customer relations. To a person Sandifer has great people to work with. To the client, the Project Manager has 80+% of the client contact. Our project manager (Edward) was the best of any job we have done in the last 30 years of remodeling – diligent, on top of the details, professional, and congenial . . but firm with the subs if they needed “some encouragement”. Lisa in design, Lenny behind the scenes, and Nick (“the big boss” – always there when needed) rounded out the Team. I’d recommend Sandifer to my best of friends without hesitation . . they won’t be disappointed.